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Written By: admin - Mar• 24•11

Top Tools For Downloading Youtube Movies

Youtube isn’t the third-most trafficked site on the net for nothing … the number and variety of Youtube movies available is simply staggering. Unfortunately, simply embedding the Youtube movie doesn’t always suit your purpose, and sometimes Youtube movies are taken down forvarious reasons. The solution is to simply download them to your computer – here are the top tools for downloading Youtube movies onto your local computer to be used anywhere.


The Keepvid tool for downloading Youtube movies is exceptionally simple to use. You just copy and paste the URL of the Youtube movie into the toolbar in the software, and the videodownloads instantly.

Video Downloader, VidiMonkey, Supers

These Youtube movie download applications work in exactly the same way as Keepvid. VidiMonkey allows batch conversion, and Super supports many file types other than Youtube movies standard .flv format.


This service allows you to download Youtube movies or movies from anywhere without actually installing any software on your computer. You can convert 100mb of files per month for free, and if you want to download more than that you can purchase a membership.


This free application is designed specifically for downloading movies form the internet to your iPod – it will handle Youtube movies as well as many other types.

One tip for downloading Youtube movies -if you specify that you’d prefer Youtube High Definition results in the Advanced Search function on site, you’ll get movies that transfer better to other projects.